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Citizen Tops Clutch Annual List

by Kimmie Champlin, Business Analyst,
Purpose: it’s a word that gets thrown around a lot in business. Companies have purpose, people have purpose, and even products have purpose. But when it comes to following through on that word, how many businesses actually live up to their grand statements of purpose, and can document their impact with measurable results? 
At Clutch, we’re proud of our ability to gauge and measure client satisfaction.  Clutch is a leading online ratings and reviews platform that pairs traditional, extensive B2B research methodology with in-depth client reviews to rank more than 10,000 agencies nationally. In a recent press release, we were proud to recognize Citizen Group as Clutch’s number one rated San Francisco agency for 2018, for its breadth of work in branding, advertising, creative, social media, and film/video production. In addition, Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, also recognized Citizen Group as among top digital marketing agencies in San Francisco
Clutch and The Manifest’s recognition is based on the direct testimonials of its clients, who have taken the time to tell Clutch how Citizen helped them fulfill their objectives. Here are some of the highlights from our reviews so far: 
One client who we spoke with, engaged in the professional sports sector, mentioned Citizen’s expertise in working to meet their specific needs:  
“Citizen Group’s work is highly professional. They are among the best people in the world with whom to work. They are phenomenal presenters, great strategists, reassuring colleagues, great listeners, and wonderful at following through. It’s just an excellent organization.” 
Another client shared what makes Citizen stand out after its work on a regional sustainability initiative and zero waste program: 
“We’ve worked with several companies throughout our program here in Phoenix, and Citizen Group was very professional, provided great support and services, and provided the materials needed for our program to move forward. The material, from my point of view, doesn’t get old. It can be used, refreshed, and animated to continue the message of what we want to do here in Phoenix. They’re a great group. I would recommend them to anyone, and they helped our program in getting to where we are today.” 
A third client spoke about our work on their specific seasonal campaign, stating:  “From a delivery standpoint, they did everything to a T. They hit every milestone and delivered everything on time. From a creative standpoint, it was better than we imagined—I was blown away by the output they produced. Citizen Group did a fantastic job.” 
Helping clients find agencies like Citizen Group that not only deliver great results, but also create great client relationships, is the purpose behind Clutch’s growing platform. We are proud to help companies and organizations gain the first-person insights they need during their agency review process to make better decisions, and foster the type of connections that lead to the next great collaboration to advance their objectives. 

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