On June 18, WWF, CDP, together with McKinsey & Co, released a landmark report describing how companies can increase resiliency, ROI, and profits by curbing carbon emissions.  Entitled The 3% Solution: Driving Profits Through Carbon Reduction, the report provides a sector-specific roadmap for how companies can cut emissions by three percent or better and capture annual cost savings of $190 billion in 2020 alone. As Bloomberg Businessweek aptly put it, “the script is no longer ‘save the world’; it’s ‘save your income statement.’”   This Citizen-produced video tells the story:

The 3% Solution | WWF & CDP from Citizen on Vimeo.

Citizen developed the branding for The 3% Solution report and its supporting program. We’re proud to have worked with WWF since 2006 on its Climate Savers initiative and in creating the campaign, Let the Clean Economy Begin.  The 30 participating companies – Nike, Nokia, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, and Volvo among them – have already decreased emissions by 100 million metric tons since the program begin in 1999 (twice the annual equivalent of a country like Switzerland) while generating significant ROI, competitive advantage, and shareholder value.

The 3% Solution report – and the campaign to promote it – is the beginning of a concerted effort to reach CEOs and CFOs on their terms.  According to WWF, CDP and McKinsey, corporate projects to reduce carbon provide a higher return on investment than total capital spending for roughly 80 percent of large U.S. companies.

That ought to be a wake up call to all the sleeping giants.


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