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“One More Voice” Project Launches

by Robin Raj
May.31 /

After a year in the making, we're pleased that today marks the launch of the “One More Voice” film project, featuring a new series of PSAs and web video that commemorate the 50th anniversary of Amnesty International.

Advertising, Technology

The Wild Wild Web: Experiments in Social Media

by Tu Vu
Jun.01 /

Toto, we aren’t in Madison Avenue anymore.

For anyone who has been following the advertising and communication business in the last ten years, you’d have to live under a rock to not notice the massive change the industry has undergone. It’s unthinkable if you stop to think about how fast technology has transformed not only advertising, but how individuals experience the world.

While it’s been hard for some to adopt, for others, it has been one of the most exciting times in recent history. There is a plethora of new tools at our disposal. In particular, there has been some great ideas executed in the social media space. APIs (application programming interfaces) on major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google have allowed developers to create unique digital experiences making things more personal than ever before.  [...]

Advertising, Sustainability

Ads Urge Wineries to Stick a Cork in It

by Robin Raj
Sep.18 /

The Portuguese cork industry, backed by the Portuguese government, is undertaking an American-style campaign with a green twist. The campaign promotes cork by playing up what are proclaimed as its significant advantages over alternatives on environmental and sustainability grounds. Actually, “twist” might be the wrong word, because the campaign seeks to encourage wineries to use cork stoppers rather than aluminum twist-off caps or stoppers made of plastic and other synthetic materials. The campaign includes advertising, public relations, a Web site, events and a presence in social media like Facebook and Twitter.  [...]