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    It’s Time To “Stand For Trees”

    It’s Time To “Stand For Trees”

    Citizen launches Stand For Trees, a first-of-its kind campaign platform that uses social media and crowdfunding to take real action against deforestation and climate change.


    Health Mart’s Independent Spirit

    Citizen helps McKesson’s Health Mart launch integrated campaign to support independent community pharmacies with broadcast, digital, outdoor, and social media.


    “Break the Box” Breaks In Texas

    Citizen launches statewide campaign in Texas that encourages young audiences to “Break the Box" and take a pledge against gender inequality and stereotypes.


    Fisker: The Dream Lives On

    Citizen produces the first installment in a video campaign to support the relaunch of the Fisker Karma – expected to resume production in early 2015 under its new ownership.


    Risky Business Calls On Leaders

    Citizen helps Next Generation produce and launch the “Risky Business” report, video series, and website showing the economic risks of climate change in the U.S.


    “Our Land” Campaign Launches

    Citizen and The Trust for Public Land launch the organization’s first-ever national campaign to build advocacy for creating parks and saving open spaces.


    Sustaining “Sustainable Brands”

    For the 8th year, Citizen is proud to develop design, identity, staging, and marketing elements for the Sustainable Brands conference inspiring innovation for a sustainable future.


    Reimagining Phoenix’s Future

    Citizen creates Reimagine Phoenix,” a unique multi-stakeholder campaign designed to inspire residents and businesses to reimagine trash as resources.


    NRDC Game Changers Film

    This film, produced by Citizen, narrated by Robert Redford, showcases the growing Green Sports movement & NRDC "Game Changers" across major league sports.

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